Sono un sintomo del mio tempo

I’m just a symptom of my time
Just a victim of my mind
Turning deaf and dumb and blind
‘cause I need to
I’m inescapably obsessed
with the thoughts I have repressed
How I look when I’m undressed to receive you
Why do you think your love could ever change me?
you don’t know anything about me baby…
Should I wax or should I shave
Be a master or a slave
Would a good girl misbehave like I plan to
Do I smile or do I pout
turn the collar in or out
It’s the little things that count
baby can’t you see that I
I just can’t take it anymore
I need to find
Some kind of light behind the door

And it gets me down
yes, it gets me down
Everybody’s got it right but me somehow
And it gets me down
spins my head around

Life really should be easier by
now I read another magazine
see the star I’ve never been
Hope is something in between all the pages
So I buy a promise in a jar
I try to cover up the scars
There’s no shelter from the storm when it rages
I’ve tried so long and hard and nothing changes
God must be laughing as he turns away…

[Marie Frank, Symptom of my time]


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