Gli occhi a cuoricino

Oddio, che vergogna… io che faccio tutta l’alternativa mi riscopro a canticchiare certe canzoni un sacco pop da Pipes and Flowers (1997) di Elisa! Horribile visu!
I don’t know much more than your first name
But I might stick around till I know everything
Because who we could be remains to be seen
– Is it the joke, now, or the dream? –
And I like the new beginning, the slow show-and-tell
Sometimes I think the expectation is sweeter than the love itself
It’s all right, I’m gonna take my time, I’m gonna take your mystery
You know it’s simple, don’t you try to ignore
Take your freedom when you’re given the key
(New Kiss)
Here sometimes I meet the man who can see what I see
Live for what I dream and be the way he seems
And I have no doubt, here I fall and rise
Here I can be poor and feel so rich inside
Here I come back to me
Here I come back to see what he’s doing now…
(The Marriage)


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