I blog degli altri


Tra gli altri, aNobii ha anche un altro vantaggio: ti permette di farti un’idea delle persone che incontri virtualmente anche attraverso il loro diario on-line. A volte si tratta “solo” di fotografie, a volte delle loro preferenze musicali, a volte invece delle loro parole. Oggi, per esempio, ho visitato la libreria di un’utente e poi ho sbirciato nel suo blog. Riporto qui stralci di un suo intervento che mi ha molto colpita (l’intero post è leggibile su http://www.danielavladimirova.it/index.php/?p=426).

“I’ve never written a word about that kind of crushing sensitivity that seizes you at times, and you can’t say whether you’re happy or sad, but you positively flatter yourself that you’re the only one in the history of the whole, immense universe to have faced the same intensity.”
“Earlier this year my mind was busy with the idea of the eternal recurrence of things. I thought of writing something more extensive about not learning from experience, but then I found out that I had actually read it in Kundera
and that it was not my own idea. I still think that an eulogy on recklessness is absolutely necessary. For the future of humanity. But I haven’t written it yet.”
“A few other things I’ll probably never write about: human hands, their warmth, the pleasure they can give; the illusion of forming a single being with somebody else; and consequently what it takes to become whole again; the eternal hesitation related to the ending of things; the jail of jealousy.”



  1. Mi sono sentita rappresentata dalle tue parole in un modo che nemmeno le mie stesse parole sanno fare. Nooooo, ma che onore! 🙂


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